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As a member of Invest for Better, you have the opportunity to participate in our foundational Circle experience. Through your Circle, you will not only increase your personal investing knowledge, you will also build a trusted community. You will have, possibly for the first time ever, a safe space to talk about your money and a like-minded group of women who will provide you with the encouragement and support you need to achieve your financial goals. IFB Circles are a fun, engaging way to build your investing confidence, learn with others, and overcome obstacles that have prevented you from taking action.

When you participate in an IFB Circle, you are in great company. Over 1,000 women have participated in over 100 Circles to date – and we are just getting started. When you join IFB, you are connected to a global movement in which women are taking control of their money, becoming confident investors, and putting their money to work for themselves and the world. Together we are harnessing the power of financial systems to invest in a better world.

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How Circles Work

IFB Circles are small, peer-led groups of women who learn our core curriculum together. Each Circle learns together over a six-month period, at which point members can make individual decisions about the next steps they want to take. The original group comes back together six months later to share their experiences and results.

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As part of a Circle, you will

  • Join a group of 8-20 women in peer-led learning that is facilitated by 1 or 2 volunteer Circle Leaders
  • Gain access to IFB’s Core Curriculum designed specifically to start you on your journey into values-aligned investing
  • Perform 1 to 2 hours of reading, reflection, or other activities each month that prepare you for meaningful money conversations
  • Participate once a month in live in-person or online meetings that build upon your pre-work and grow your knowledge and confidence
  • Partner with two other women in your group to establish connection and accountability
  • Identify the next steps you want to take to invest with confidence and align your money with your values.

Meeting Schedule

  • Meeting 1 – Learn about IFB resources, connect with the women in your Circle, and share money stories
  • Meeting 2 – Define our personal risk appetite, values, and high-level investment goals
  • Meeting 3 – Understand the strategy, asset allocations, and values-alignment of your current investments and overall financial portfolio
  • Meeting 4 – Research values-aligned investment options within public markets, such as cash, stocks, and bonds
  • Meeting 5 – Explore private investing and alternatives, including values-aligned options and how to get involved
  • Meeting 6 – Bring it all together, discuss role of financial advisors, and commit to next steps

Benefits of Membership

The Core Circle experience is only one of the benefits that you will receive when you become an Invest for Better member. There is so much more!

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  • Based in part on Activate Your Money, a book written by Invest for Better co-founder Janine Firpo.
  • Financial Planning: 3-month course designed by financial advisors for women who want to refresh their investment basics
  • Core Curriculum: 6-month foundational content created by a professional adult educator
  • Deep Dives: 3-month “elective” courses that cover advanced topics and were developed by financial experts and industry leaders.

Ask the Expert

Live Events and Training

  • Activation Series: guest talks and webinars on timely financial topics
  • Investment Series: presentations on investments that might appeal to you
  • Ask the Expert Sessions: Zoom calls with a financial advisor, who will address your questions
  • Regional Meetings: In-person gatherings with other IFB members and values-aligned investors

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Partner Services

In addition to all the resources we offer, you can access discounts and additional opportunities thanks to the generosity of our liked-minded partners.

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Invest for Better Network

As a member of IFB, you are part of a movement of women who are empowered to activate the power of their investing for social good. As we come together to support one another, we will take the lead in building a more equitable and sustainable financial system.

  • Global community of over 500 women, including leaders in the financial and impact investing industries
  • Access to a private IFB communications platform for open discussion and sharing ideas, investments we love, and related events

Activate Your Money
Activate Your Money

Activate Your Money

A free copy Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World.* Written by Invest for Better co-founder Janine Firpo, Activate Your Money combines stories of women’s personal finance journeys along with practical and actionable investment strategies. The book goes beyond basic financial literacy to provide the details you need to become a confident investor. This book will give you the knowledge you need to take control of your money and make great returns by investing in the communities, people, and companies that match your values.

*(Members in the US receive the hardcover version.  International members receive the e-book version.)

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