Catching Our Eye
June 14, 2023 Collection

‘Catching Our Eye’ is a monthly collection of curated content from Invest for Better. This collection was featured in our June 14, 2023 e-newsletter.

Suzanne Biegel from GenderSmart was featured in ImpactAlpha in the article “Making markets work for women and the world”. View article here.

From Morningstar, for Pride Month: “Addressing Bias Against the LGBTQ+ Community: How advisors can be allies to the growing population that identifies as LGBTQ+”. View article here.

From the World Economic Forum, “Future of banking: 5 trends reshaping a sector in turmoil”. View here.

Companies with purpose-driven leaders have better earnings, stronger employee experiences, and higher ESG ratings says a report from Fortune and Indiggo. Top-ranked companies include Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Pfizer. View article here.

From the World Economic Forum “Have we reached peak fossil fuel? These charts show how 2023 could be a new era for power”. Presenting research from Global Electricity Review, “Power generation could soon be approaching “the beginning of the end of the fossil age”. View article here.

Green Money features sustainable agriculture this month with “Investing in Sustainable Agriculture & Food”. “Organic food is a $56 billion market, representing 6% of all U.S. food sales. Demand is growing at 13% annually and is constrained only by a lack of supply, since organic cropland is only 1.2% of all farmable acreage in the U.S. and is growing by just 7% yearly.” View the issue here.

For What It’s Worth (FWIW) is a weekly newsletter from impact investing trailblazer Jean Case and her team. We spotted this great resource ‘The FWIW Guide to Cleantech Investing: Sectors to Watch’. View guide here.

From Chief: “Nearly 1 in 3 Incoming CEOs Are Women — Here’s How to Support Them as Builders, Not Fixers”. From the article: “There’s a sea change in the C-Suite. CEO departures are on the rise, and a record 31% of incoming CEOs are women. For the first time, women finally run more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies after being stuck in single digits for years. That’s not parity, but it’s progress.” View article here.

new tool from As You Sow that exposes fossil fuel bonds hidden inside 401(k) plans – “Corporate bonds are one of the main ways fossil fuel companies raise money to expand their operations. If there are fossil fuel bonds in your 401(k), you’re effectively lending your retirement savings to companies so they can mine for coal and drill for oil.”

From Fortune, “Every Major U.S. News Organization Is Now Helmed by a Woman”. Following the departure of CEO Chris Licht, CNN announced that the organization will now be led by three company veterans. As two-thirds of the leadership team are now women, CNN joins ABC News, MSNBC, NBC News, CBS News, and Fox News as the latest women-helmed media outlet. View article here.

Women’s Venture Summit is happening September 28-29, 2023. The Summit brings together founders and investors (including aspiring investors) to boost female founders’ access to capital and to grow the number of female and male investors who invest in female-led startups.

Released this week from Parallelle Finance, Gender Lens Investing Q1 2023 examines first-quarter performance and composition of gender lens equity funds and provides updates on gender lens fixed income, DEI equity funds, and women in the workplace and economy. View here.