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Profile: GG

Some of our members are happy to share their stories, but would rather stay a bit anonymous. That is the case with the woman that we are profiling this month. GG didn’t learn about investing or the complexities of dealing with money until after she finished college.

Catching Our Eye
July 19, 2023 Collection

‘Catching Our Eye’ is a monthly collection of curated content from Invest for Better. Included are selections from JUST Capital, Chief, The Conversation, Ellevest, Time Magazine, Impact Entrepreneur, The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), Case Foundation, Pivotal Ventures, Female Innovators Lab, and others.

Build Your Financial Foundation

In order to be a smart, confident investor, you need some baseline knowledge and tools to make sound investments. That is true whether those investments are values-aligned or not. Since our society has not done a great job of educating women about basic investment concepts, investing can be intimidating or overwhelming for a lot of us.

Catalysts & White Labels

Our partnership with Better Finance is an excellent example of one of the ways IFB is achieving scale. We have developed both Catalyst and White Label structures to enable others […]