Janine Firpo and Tuti Scott Discuss Exciting Collaboration in a Heading for Change Interview


Heading for Change recently posted this interview with Janine Firpo and Tuti Scott about our upcoming collaborative course: PRIVATE INVESTING AND BLENDED CAPITAL WITH A CLIMATE & GENDER LENS

Unlock the world of private debt and equity funds with a focus on climate and gender considerations. Led by Tuti Scott, IFB Partner and author of ‘Moving Money for Impact: A Guide to Gender Lens Investing,’ this 5-part course transforms interest into action.

Starting April 17th at 8:30 am PT, join weekly 90-minute Zoom sessions (excluding May 8th) with 30 minutes of pre-work. Dive into funds, learn research strategies, and explore investments supporting women and the environment. Make the most of this journey by committing to this 2-hour weekly exploration.


Discover the full course details HERE.