Empowering Change: Navigating the World of Impact Investing

Impact investing is reshaping the financial landscape, and guess who’s leading the charge? You guessed it—women! More than half of us prefer putting our money where it makes a positive difference. Say goodbye to the days of solely focusing on the bottom line; we’re ushering in a new era of conscious capitalism, where our investments not only yield financial returns but also contribute to a better world. 

But what exactly is impact investing? It’s putting your money into companies or projects that promise financial returns while also making significant social or environmental impacts.  

Now, how do you dive into impact investing? Every asset class offers opportunities, even cash, so creating your investment portfolio is personal to you, your values, and your goals. Here’s a quick look at how each asset class can make an impact:  

  • Cash and Cash Equivalents: Even cash reserves have potential for impact. By strategically allocating cash to institutions or projects aligned with your values, you can ensure that even idle funds contribute to positive change. 
  • Public Equities: When considering public equities, envision curating a portfolio of companies that not only yield profits but also prioritize environmental sustainability, diversity, and fair labor practices. Investing in these companies means supporting those committed to making a positive difference in the world. 
  • Fixed Income: Have you explored the realm of green bonds or social bonds? These investments provide an opportunity to align your financial portfolio with your values. Green bonds finance projects combatting climate change, while social bonds support initiatives like affordable housing and healthcare. It’s investing with a purpose, one bond at a time. 
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital: Imagine backing innovative businesses dedicated to addressing pressing global challenges, from renewable energy to healthcare accessibility. Through private equity and venture capital investments, you’re not just allocating capital; you’re catalyzing meaningful change. 
  • Real Estate: Real estate presents distinctive opportunities to invest in projects that promote sustainability, provide affordable housing, and foster resilient communities. Your investment in real estate transcends financial returns, contributing to the creation of a better world, one property at a time. 
  • Real Assets & Infrastructure: From sustainable agriculture to microfinance, alternative investments offer avenues to support innovative solutions to global issues while diversifying your portfolio and generating impactful returns. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Start with one asset class and take it step by step. And remember, having a financial plan can significantly boost your wealth. In fact, those with a plan have been shown to accumulate 2.7 times more wealth than those without. 

So, is impact investing just a passing trend? Absolutely not! With more women embracing it, impact investing is here to stay. By 2030, we’ll be managing over $30 trillion—more than the entire GDP of the country. Talk about making an impact! 

Need guidance? Check out our Getting Started Guide or join one of our free events. We’re here to support you every step of the way. Together, let’s change the world—one investment at a time. Let’s get started! 

Impact investing options across asset classes