‘Activate Your Money’ Available in Paperback at Barnes & Noble

Janine Firpo, co-founder of Invest for Better, has announced that her best-selling book, “Activate Your Money – Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World,” is now available in paperback through Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

Activate Your Money” offers practical guidance and insights on values-aligned investing, and has been ranked as an Amazon best-seller in several categories including economics, business finance, and investment portfolio management.



Invest for Better’s curriculum and teachings are in part based on “Activate Your Money“. Its history is rooted in the personal financial journeys of the co-founders—both Ellen Remmer and Janine Firpo experienced challenges in transforming their own investment portfolios to align with their values and wanted to make the process easier and more joyful for others. The organization has had significant growth since its inception in 2019.

“I’m so honored to see ‘Activate Your Money’ have such great traction in its introductory year, and it was so exciting to see the movement we hoped to inspire be activated and actualized through the establishment of our non-profit, Invest for Better, that educates and forwards the vision of values-aligned investing,” Firpo said. “Having ‘Activate Your Money’ now available in paperback makes the information more accessible to a wider audience of readers and future values-aligned investors.”

Activate Your Money” can be purchased in paperback at most Barnes & Noble stores and online.