Profile: Silvia Mah

Remember that statistic about only 1.9% of all venture capital in 2022 went to female founders? Well, one of the women that is working hard to change that statistic is Silvia Mah, an IFB Pathfinder, Founder & Chairwoman of Stella, CEO of She Invests!, and Adjunct Professor at Biola University. You do not have to look far to realize that this woman is a powerhouse! And, she is 150% committed to investing in, and supporting, amazing female CEOs – and to helping other women become angel investors themselves.


Through Stella, Silvia leads Stella Labs, an accelerator and community for female founders, and Stella Angels, an angel network for female funders with a VC fund – Stella Impact Capital. In addition, her organization runs and oversees an annual nationwide Women’s Fast Pitch competition that culminates in the Women’s Venture Summit, an in-person conference that takes place each Fall in San Diego. Stella is a community of over 5,000 people who are committed to empowering female founders, and She Invests! is a podcast that highlights the growing number of female angels.

If you have ever thought about becoming an angel investor, participating in some of the amazing events that Silvia hosts is a great place to start. Listen to her podcasts, watch some pitch events, take some courses, join a cohort, or attend the summit.

Oh, and by the way, that PhD behind her name comes from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography where she received her doctorate in, of all things, Marine Biology! If you ever connect with Silvia, you might want to ask her how she went from being a denizen of the deep to a start-up maven.

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