Profile: Jenny Everett

A self-described “recovering non-profit executive who now advises other non-profits and social impact organizations,” Jenny Everett has had a fascinating career. Like many, her path was anything but straight. Jenny’s ambitions kicked off in high school when she spent time in the Dominican Republic building latrines, then migrated through several years of living and working in Latin America. At the turn of the millennium, Jenny returned to the United States where she became involved in the newly emerging industry. Before long, however, she realized that she needed work that made more of a difference. This brought Jenny into the world of philanthropy and, ultimately, to recognize the power of combining doing well financially with doing good for the world.



To realize her dream of a job at the intersection of money and values, Jenny returned to school and got her MBA. Upon graduating, she joined the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), a global network of organizations that catalyze entrepreneurship in developing countries. Jenny was there almost 12 years, serving as Managing Director the majority of that time. Along the way, she sat on the boards of numerous social enterprises.

Even with all of this background and day-to-day immersion in the world of impact investing, Jenny did not apply what she was learning to her own money. She started thinking about it in 2009 when she joined ANDE, but she was not doing anything.

About two years ago, after leaving ANDE, Jenny stumbled upon Activate Your Money and Invest for Better. Joining her first Circle was such a great experience, that Jenny decided to partner with another woman and lead a Circle. Now she is so passionate about helping other women take control of their money and move it into things they care about that she is about to lead her second Circle. We love to hear stories like this, and are so delighted to have Jenny as part of our community!

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