Invest for Better Expands into Europe

Through a partnership with Better Finance, our investment Circle model and content will be piloted in four European countries later this year. This work was made possible through a generous grant from the Climate Finance Fund (CFF), a philanthropic platform that helps mobilize capital for climate solutions. Over 800 women (and some men) will take part in IFB-like Circles in France, Germany, Spain, and Poland this Fall.

The initiative came together because CFF recognized that Europeans needed more information about how they could put their investments to work to reduce the negative impacts of climate change. Better Finance, a Brussels-based non-profit, was identified as an excellent partner because of their focus on supporting European citizens as financial service users and due to their broad reach across the continent.

Members of the Better Finance team participated in a few IFB Circles and examined our curriculum, particularly the content developed for our newest Deep Dive on Investing for a Sustainable Environment. They creates a modified version of our model and adapted our content so it meets the specific needs and unique investment environments of each of the four pilot countries.

We are very excited about this collaboration, and grateful to the Climate Finance Fund for their support. This image, which came from the CFF website, is so appropriate to our work and to this effort because it shows that we are all in this together. And it reminds us that we are all needed to make the immediate and dramatic changes that are required to counter climate change, achieve sustainability, and build long-term economic models that support equity, people, and planet.