Invest for Better part of Host Committee for “Heading for Change” Launch Event

Invest for Better will be part of the Host Committee for the virtual launch event of “Healing for Change“. The event will take place at 10-11 AM PST / 1-2 PM EST / 6-7 PM BST / 7-8 PM CET, and is open to all who wish to participate (register here).

“Heading for Change” is a new catalytic investment and philanthropic grants portfolio launched with a $1 million endowment by Suzanne Biegel and her husband, Daniel Maskit. The organization seeks to ignite and scale investment at the intersection of climate and gender, and catalyze transformational change for women, girls, nonbinary individuals, and the health of our planet.


Through its model portfolio and commitment to openly sharing its investment approach and criteria, “Heading for Change” aims to advance gender-inclusive solutions to the urgent climate crisis. The organization invites interested individuals to join as Donor-Partners and help support this important cause.

“We are excited to launch ‘Heading for Change’ and work towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world,” said Suzanne Biegel. “We believe that investing at the intersection of climate and gender is critical to achieving this goal, and we invite individuals to join us as Donor-Partners and help drive meaningful change.”

To learn more about “Heading for Change” and the virtual launch event, visit