Teresa Wells

Managing Director

Tiedemann Advisors

Teresa Wells is a Wealth Advisor at Tiedemann and leads the Seattle office for the firm. She is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee and leads the firm’s work in Catalytic Impact Investing as well as Gender Lens Investing. Teresa helps clients reshape the role of capital in communities by investing in opportunities that better serve people and the planet.

Teresa loves the “Daring Greatly” speech by President Roosevelt, and she think (when re-gendered) it has so much application to today – how women are reshaping finance and commerce, how we are rethinking the purpose and use of capital. This speech resonates with my philosophy, as she thinks we can’t get mired pointing out the flaws of imperfect solutions, and instead should focus energy on promoting more inclusive research, decision making, and solutions aimed at building a heathier planet and improving the lives of all its inhabitants.