Kimberly Griego-Kiel

Founding Partner & Director

Horizons Sustainable Financial Services, Inc.

Kimberly Griego-Kiel, MBA in Sustainability, AIF® is CEO of Horizons Sustainable Financial Services, Inc. an SEC registered firm in Santa Fe, NM, she is fiercely committed to helping investors achieve financial success while simultaneously pursuing positive environmental, social and economic change consistent with their values. She brings a socially engaged, people-oriented perspective to her work in the investment world. Kim also has a successful podcast titled Deep Impact Investing available on the Horizons website or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

My career in Sustainable finance began in 1998 as the office manager for an advisor working in the SRI space. In 2007 I bought his half of our joint practice. 24 years later, I am still here and providing that same step up for other women in the space.