Justina Lai

Chief Impact Officer and Shareholder

Laird Norton Wetherby

Justina joined Wetherby Asset Management in 2015 and has continued in her role as the firm merged with Laird Norton Wealth Management to create LNW. In her role, she leads the firm’s impact investing strategy, stakeholder value creation, and diversity, equity and inclusion initiative. Justina has over a dozen years of experience in the impact investing industry at organizations such as Sonen Capital, the Rockefeller Foundation and Rwanda Ventures. Prior to her career in impact investing, she worked across the US and Europe in investment banking and private equity.

Justina received an M.B.A. from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and a B.S. in Finance and International Business, summa cum laude, from New York University. Justina serves on the Board and IC for the San Francisco Foundation. She is also a Board and IC Member of ICA and a Board Member and Finance Committee Chair of Turning Green. Justina is a Fellow of the RSA.”

I have always felt a responsibility to contribute more to the world than I extract from it. And this has led me to seek opportunities to align my life, holistically, with my values. I recognize that I manifest in the world in many ways – as an employee, a consumer, an investor, a community member, a voter and a donor. And, in these various forms, I bring many types of capital – investment, intellectual, social, community – to the table. I am driven by a desire to bring all these forms of capital to bear to create the change I seek in the world.