Back to the Basics: Financial Planning – An Invest for Better Deep Dive Course

Overview This course is intended for women who want to go back to the basics and establish a strong financial foundation before they modify their investment strategy or make new investments. Course Structure The Financial Planning Basics course is a 3-part series that will be supported by monthly Circle discussions. Members can ask questions on […]

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Values-Align Your Stock Portfolio — An Invest for Better Deep Dive Course

Overview This course teaches you how to discover more about what you currently own in the stock market, and shows you how to use freely available online tools to find and replace some (or all) of your stock holdings with more values-aligned investment options. It also shows you how to use your position as a […]

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How Angel Investing Works — An Invest for Better Deep Dive Course

Overview This course will introduce you to the angel/venture capital (VC) model of private equity investing, including the foundational terminology and concepts you need to know as an investor in early-stage businesses. It will also explore some of the other financial structures you can use to invest in companies that are not traded on the […]

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Finding a Values-Aligned Financial Advisor – An Invest for Better Deep Dive Course

Overview This deep dive course is intended to help you clarify what you want from your financial advisor and then take you through the steps to find an advisor that is a great fit for you. The course takes place within a trusted community of like-minded investors. You will go through a series of exercises […]

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The Racial Wealth Gap: Past, Present & Potential for Change – An Invest for Better Deep Dive Course


Overview This course will offer an introduction to the racial wealth gap in America and the role our money can play in addressing systemic racism. Participants will learn about the economic origins of the current racial wealth gap, features of systemic racism in America, and race-equity-focused investment opportunities that are available across asset classes. Participants […]

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