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Private Investing (Part 2)

This is part two of a three-part content feature on Private Investing. Each month Invest for Better offers a special content feature that may be of interest to our members and our larger network of friends and colleagues.

Private investing provides opportunities for portfolio diversification and a very personal investment experience. It also allows us to make world-changing contributions. We can use our growing wealth to support the overlooked and underfunded female and minority-led businesses that we’d love to see thrive. We can also support innovative products and services that are designed from the ground up with our needs in mind, as opposed to having to make do with the feminization of male products. The more we invest in entrepreneurs and businesses that support our values, the more we signal that their products, services, and companies matter and that we do, too.

Be inspired – learn from other women who have embraced private investing.

Sylvia Mah, PhD is an active angel investor, entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, and passionate supporter of women-led businesses. She is unabashedly bold in striving to bring female founders to the forefront. The She Invests podcast is just one example of the many activities Sylvia uses to showcase innovative, socially responsible female entrepreneurs. In each episode, she interviews female angel investors about how they got involved, their investment thesis, and elements that have helped them succeed or, sometimes, fail.

We profiled Sylvia recently as part of our Member Profiles, you can view her profile here.

Research impact funds.

ImpactAssets 50 is a curated list of the top 50 impact funds and fund managers. The list is updated annually, providing an easy way to identify experienced and emerging impact fund managers. Private debt and private equity funds are included. Those who are seeking additional diversification can also explore the final asset class as they diversify through alternatives.

Join our community.

There are many opportunities to become involved in private investing – through equity, debt, and angel investing. Whether you’re an experienced investor or not, you can learn how to assemble a private investment portfolio you love. Through Invest for Better, you can access training, mentorship, and collaborate with other women to support amazing entrepreneurs. Join us to learn more.