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Every month our co-founders, Janine Firpo and Ellen Remmer, share their thoughts on a range of topics, some specific to Invest for Better and some not. These ‘opening letters’ are part of our e-newsletters and they provide a great glimpse into the happenings of our organization and larger community.

Letter from Ellen Remmer
May 18, 2023


Dear friends,

I’m having so much fun co-leading a Circle in this Spring’s cohort. Since the first Invest for Better Circle cohort launched in Fall 2020, we have transformed the curriculum to align with Janine’s book, Activate Your Money, and worked diligently to incorporate your feedback to make the Circle experience meaningful and accessible to all – no matter the level of wealth and experience. Our first Circle meeting, focused on money stories and financial archetypes, was truly powerful and I look forward to the upcoming one on risks and rewards.

Kudos and huge thank you to Tuti Scott and Gwendolyn Van Sant who were guest speakers at our recent Circle Leader monthly training zoom, talking about Building Engagement with Joy. Bring the energy. Pause for 8 seconds. Ask open-ended questions. Show cultural humility when sharing your story. These were just some of the nuggets of engagement shared by this phenomenal duo, who co-led a Circle in 2022. This week, guest speaker Marty Martin’s session on Moving to Action was filled with incredibly valuable insights to help leaders understand what it takes to catalyze real behavioral change. And in June, we look forward to hearing from Gretchen Steidle who will help current and former Circle leaders cultivate their Inner Leadership. These new sessions represent our commitment to making the Circle leader experience so valuable that you tell all your friends about it!

Finally, I am excited to see some of you at our May 31st Regional Event in Seattle. I’ll be in town visiting family and friends and look forward to meeting new friends who care about women investing for a better world. We are grateful to Steering Committee member Melanie Audette and Education Advisor Jill Bamburg for co-hosting this event at Melanie’s beautiful new office building at Rainer Square. Please come and bring friends! And if you don’t live in Seattle, let us know if you would like to co-host an event in your part of the country.