Circle Leader Cohort Training, Session 1

This is the first of two training sessions for Circle Leaders who will be facilitating Invest for Better Circles during the period January-June 2022. In this training Invest for Better co-founders Janine Firpo and Ellen Remmer will provide a brief overview of the 6-month curriculum and learning platform, while consultant and educator, Jill Bamburg, will conduct a practice session on one of the Circle modules.


Prerequisites for 100% Portfolio Alignment

This is the first session in a three-part series being hosted by ASBC-SVC on values-aligned. Janine and Lisa will explain what values-aligned investing is, how it works across all asset classes, and will introduce a simple framework that you can use to identify the values you want to drive your investment decisions.


Putting Your Money to Work for You and the World

In this workshop, Janine will explain how you can take action to move all of your assets in alignment with your values – even if all you have to invest is the money in your savings and checking accounts. She will invite you to think about your money differently, and show you where you can find the tools and resources you need to be more deliberate in the choices you make about where you invest your money. Janine leads by example, explaining how she made these decisions with her own money and gives you examples of the types of choices you have for your own investments.


Author Interview

Janine Firpo, co-founder of Invest for Better and author, Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World will be interviewed about her journey with money, how she invests her values, and the movement of women she is building with Ellen Remmer through their new non-profit, Invest for Better.


Integrating Values Across Your Portfolio

This is the second session in the ASBC-SVC three-part series. It addresses investors who focus their impact investing on private debt and private equity. While these are incredibly interesting asset classes, they often contain only a portion of our total portfolio leaving a majority of our capital invested in cash, bonds, stocks, real estate and other assets. If we really want to be in integrity with our money and have it represent our values, it is important to consider investment opportunities in a broader range of asset classes.


Shifting Your Money into its Full Potential

Join us in this interactive overview of values-aligned investing and meet other women as you take practical actions to step into your true financial power while honoring your desire for positive impact.

Circle Leader Cohort Training, Session 2

This is the second of two training sessions for Circle Leaders who will be facilitating Invest for Better Circles during the period January-June 2022. In this training, we'll take a deeper dive into the instructional design, curriculum content and platform mechanics -- as well as the "soft skills" that make for effective facilitation and peer learning.


Innovate Your Philanthropy 

This is the third and final session in the ASBC-SVC series. Many of us are aware of the concepts of concessionary investments, blended capital, and recoverable grants. But how can you get involved? What are the options that are available to you today? And who are the providers that are making these options available to you right now? This session will unveil real-world experiences of innovators who are using their Donor Advised Funds to provide deeper impact and value. It will also showcase a few of the most innovative service providers who are making it easier for all of us to invest our values. And it will provide insight into ways that you can feel less frustrated and have more fun with your philanthropy.


What to Expect from Joining an Invest for Better Circle


The next cohort of Invest for Better Circles will launch in January 2022.  Circle Leaders are recruiting members now--and  we're helping new IFB members find the right Circle for them. For women considering joining an upcoming Invest for Better Circle, we'll be sharing an inside look at the Circle experience. We'll answer your questions, review […]