LIFT Economy – Activate Your Money

The rising tide of women in the world of investing has already been shown to be facilitating positive results. Our co-founder, Janine Firpo, was a guest on the LIFT Economy podcast.

Top 21 Impact and ESG Investing Books You Should Read

Janine’s new book, Activate Your Money, is a women-centric introduction to socially responsible investing. Her book was featured on SustainFi as one of the Top 21 books to read on impact and ESG investing. Read the full story.

Janine Firpo on ‘So Money with Farnoosh Torabi’

Our co-founder, Janine Firpo, was a guest on the So Money podcast with Farnoosh Torabi to bring advice on how to create a values-driven investment strategy. Topics discussed include:

  • How to identify your values as they pertain to your investments
  • How to begin making socially-driven changes to your portfolio and how to measure your impact
  • Does socially-conscious investing come at a financial cost?

Activate Your Money in Barron’s 5 of the Best Books on ESG and Impact Investing

Barron’s listed “Activate Your Money” in their list of 5 best books on ESG and impact investing. Co-founder Janine Firpo’s book  will educate, engage, and empower, whether you’re putting a toe in the water, running a head-to-head portfolio, or diving into the deep end of a truly focused portfolio. Although the book is written for women, anyone interested in this topic will benefit from reading this book.

Four Tips for How Women Can Start Building Their Wealth from Janine Firpo

Our co-founder, Janine Firpo, joined the KTLA 5 News team on the morning that her book, Activate Your Money, launched to share tips for how women can start building their wealth.

Invest for Better and Janine Firpo featured on the Big Girl Money Podcast

Looking for a playful take on investing basics? Janine Firpo answers (no-holds-barred!) questions for the Big Girl Money Podcast on their recent Investing 101-Fun with Your Finances podcast episode. Learn about the Big Girl Money Investment Circle (using the Invest for Better Circle approach) led by Wendy Bohling from our latest Leader Cohort.

Impact Investing, Social Change, and Philanthropy Post COVID-19

Our own Ellen Remmer was featured in this Women & Money episode on “Impact Investing, Social Change, and Philanthropy Post COVID-19” hosted by Jan Mercer Dahms of Mayshad CHOICE. Together with Leslie Samuelrich, president of Green Century Capital Management, and Nezha Alaoui, CEO of Mayshad Group, they explored timely issues related to the rapidly changing context for impact investing and philanthropy amidst the pandemic.


Circling Back: Invest for Better, One Year Later

Women nationwide are joining forces to become savvy impact investors: Learning together, moving money toward social change, and seizing opportunities to go beyond traditional philanthropy.

And you can join them.

Launched in January 2019, Invest for Better brings together a library of women’s personal impact investing stories and a broad list of resources, including simple action steps and tips for choosing a financial advisor, to help women begin their journey. The goal is to demystify the traditionally male-dominated field of investing and empower women to make decisions about their wealth that are aligned with their values.

“It’s going to behoove us all to get savvier so we understand what is really impactful and what isn’t,” said Ellen Remmer, senior partner at The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), which oversees Invest for Better. “Women who are already active in philanthropy are the perfect audience to start taking up the mantle of impact investing.”

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Invest for Better: A Campaign to Help Women Invest for Social and Environmental Good

My journey to impact investing was a long and winding road. Way too long and winding! It wasn’t from lack of interest or effort. But because I had no support – and in some cases deep resistance – from my financial advisors, family, and peers, it took A LOT of effort, and ultimately, acts of defiance to make it happen.

While the environment for impact investing has improved quite a bit since those days, I still hear some version of this story from women every week: yes, they are interested in values-aligned investing, and yes, they are having trouble translating that interest into action because (1) they don’t have support, (2) they don’t know how to get started, and/or (3) they don’t have the time.

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Invest for Better Launches Investment Club Model and Toolkit For Women Impact Investors

Media Contact:

Ellen Remmer
The Philanthropic Initiative

Invest for Better Launches Investment Club Model and Toolkit For Women Impact Investors

Boston, MA (September 12, 2019) – While several initiatives have sprung up in recent years to address the need for impact investor education, none have concentrated specifically on helping women bridge the aspiration gap between interest and action. Invest for Better is a nonprofit campaign on a mission to help women demystify impact investing, take control of their capital, and mobilize their money for good. Knowing that women often prefer to learn from and with peers, the initiative created a model for Invest for Better Circles – communities of women investors that help both novice and experienced investors overcome barriers, increase their knowledge, and hold each other accountable for moving money into purposeful investments. Launched by a group of ecosystem pioneers and investors as an open-source, non-transactional initiative, their new Invest for Better Circle Toolkit is aimed at seeding and supporting such communities around the world.

“If I had been able to join an Invest for Better Circle at the beginning of my journey, I would have stepped up much sooner and more confidently to invest my own assets for good,” says Ellen Remmer, Senior Partner at The Philanthropic Initiative, President of the Remmer Family Foundation, and Invest for Better Champion. “With the Toolkit, my colleagues and I are passing along the knowledge we wish we’d had from the start, along with what we continue to learn from our diverse Circles and leading experts about new and better ways to deepen impact.”

While most women report they want to invest financial assets in socially positive ways, they also cite numerous reasons for feeling stymied in efforts to do so. The causes vary, but include an opaque and confusing financial landscape, financial advisors untrained and inexperienced in impact investing, and a legacy of leaving investment decisions to their partners as women took on other time-intensive household tasks. With all these barriers present, many women simply don’t know what is possible or how to get started.

With the Invest for Better Circle Toolkit, women can create their own Circles alongside peers, or sponsoring institutions can launch and manage Circles among their memberships or clientele. The Toolkit includes guidelines on recruiting participants, sample agendas, reading lists, and worksheets for a six-session curriculum. Produced by The Philanthropic Initiative, underwritten by Bank of America, and with distribution sponsorship by Wetherby Asset Management and Athena Capital Advisors, the Toolkit will be freely available at

Since the launch of Invest for Better earlier this year, Remmer reports ten new Circles being developed in such diverse places as San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, Colorado, Scotland, and the Caribbean. In October, the Invest for Better initiative will hold a webinar to help new or interested Circle leaders use the Toolkit, and intends to build a community of practice for sister Circles around the world. Information on that and other news can be found on LinkedIn and on Twitter @InvestforBetter.

The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI)

The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI) is a global philanthropic consulting practice that helps individuals, families, foundations, and corporations develop and execute customized strategies to increase the impact of their giving and achieve philanthropy that is more strategic, effective, and fulfilling. TPI is committed to actively promoting and advancing strategic philanthropy by conducting cutting-edge research, publishing donor education resources, and training individuals, organizations, and advisors in best practices. TPI merged with the Boston Foundation in 2012, and continues to operate nationally and globally. Visit or find us on LinkedIn and Twitter @TPIPhilanthropy.