LIFT Economy – Activate Your Money

The rising tide of women in the world of investing has already been shown to be facilitating positive results. Our co-founder, Janine Firpo, was a guest on the LIFT Economy podcast.

Janine Firpo on ‘So Money with Farnoosh Torabi’

Our co-founder, Janine Firpo, was a guest on the So Money podcast with Farnoosh Torabi to bring advice on how to create a values-driven investment strategy. Topics discussed include:

  • How to identify your values as they pertain to your investments
  • How to begin making socially-driven changes to your portfolio and how to measure your impact
  • Does socially-conscious investing come at a financial cost?

Invest for Better and Janine Firpo featured on the Big Girl Money Podcast

Looking for a playful take on investing basics? Janine Firpo answers (no-holds-barred!) questions for the Big Girl Money Podcast on their recent Investing 101-Fun with Your Finances podcast episode. Learn about the Big Girl Money Investment Circle (using the Invest for Better Circle approach) led by Wendy Bohling from our latest Leader Cohort.

Make “You Got This!” Your Mantra

As part of Thrive Global’s series on “Why We Need More Women Founders,” Jerome interviewed Janine Firpo, who asserted that one of the reasons only a limited amount of money is not flowing to female entrepreneurs is not because there are not enough of them. Rather the challenge has more to do with the bias in the existing structure, as well as the need for more women to engage as investors in private businesses. Read the full article here.