Catching Our Eye | February 15

‘Catching Our Eye’ is a monthly collection of curated content from Invest for Better. This collection was featured in our February 15, 2023 e-newsletter.


16 Ethical Dividend Stocks to Invest In” from The Impact Investor.

Stanford Social Innovation Review is hosting Frontiers of Social Innovation 2023 “The Role of Social Innovation in Democracy” event on March 14-16, 2023. SSIR will gather international leaders from nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, academia, research, business, and government to discuss the relationship between social innovation and democracy.

The Yale School of Management launched a new student-run impact investment fund. Students will gain hands-on experience in making investments in companies with a social purpose.

Women Business Collaborative published a report on inclusion in the boardroom. In December 2022, public companies appointed 75 women to boards while overall diversity for the year ended on a downward trend.

An interesting article from the New York Times helps address the stigma of talking about finances. In the article, “27 People on the Streets of New York Talk About How Much Money They Make“, NYT asks nearly 400 people to tell us how much they earn (two dozen spoke with them).

From For What It’s Worth, their ‘Guide to Cleantech Investing: Sectors to Watch‘ – a useful resource to learn about all the groundbreaking efforts with the potential to save the planet.

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro includes the product’s environmental specs. Besides increased power efficiency, one-third of the 16-inch laptop is made from recycled materials (aluminum, rare earth elements, tin, gold, and plastic), and 97% of the packaging is fiber-based. Apple’s goal is to have zero plastic in its packaging by 2025.

Edelman recently released its 2023 Trust Barometer Report. The report details the weakening of our social fabric amid deepening divisions but highlights that businesses are now positioned to have a positive impact through socially responsible business practices.

From POLITICO’s Women Rule: The Exchange, “The New Rules of Work” looks at women who are driving change in the workplace, and what organizations and policymakers can do to join them. POLITICO brought together academics, policymakers, leaders in sports and business and others to delve into these topics and more, to better understand the new rules of work.

From Aspen Ideas Festival, “Pledges and Profits: How Green can Big Banks Be?” – a session that brings together Michael Sheren, senior advisor at Bank of England, Gillian Tett, editorial board chair of the Financial Times, and Sarah Bloom Raskin, law professor at Duke, about how our financial system is both a powerful tool and one of the biggest hindrances in the fight against global warming.

Real Leaders is a community dedicated to using business as a positive force for employees, society, and the planet. They recently released their ‘2023 Real Leaders Impact Awards‘ listing the 300 Top Impact Companies award winners from around the world.

From Ellevest: “Annoying news on the VC front: Women-founded start-ups raised just 1.9% of all VC funds in 2022 — down 0.5% from 2021’s improvement” …. “Better news on the salary front: A recent survey found no statistical difference between genders or racial groups in how often people ask for raises. Even better, though just 37% ask, 70% of people who do actually get one.”

BlueMark is the leading provider of independent impact verification and intelligence for the impact and sustainable investing market. Here is their library of published reports – groundbreaking research to advance the field.

The T-Rex and the Snowshoe Hare: What’s Next for Philanthropy in the 2020s“, an interesting article from Stanford Social Innovation Review, looks at an often-misunderstood part of Darwin’s theory of evolution and considers what it can tell us about where philanthropy might be headed.